Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. The Company (defined in User Terms) shall confirm and initiate the execution of the transaction initiated by You (defined in User Terms) upon receiving confirmation from You for the same. If You wish to cancel a transaction on the Platform (defined in User Terms), You shall select the ‘Cancel’ option on the Platform. It is to be noted that You may have to pay a cancellation fee for transactions initiated on the Platform for which work has already been commenced by the Listed Entities (defined in User Terms), which will be in accordance with the cancellation and refund policies of such Listed Entities.
  1. Frenosis may cancel the transaction initiated by You on the Platform, if:
    1. The designated address to avail the Listed Services provided by You is outside the area servicing zone of Frenosis.
    1. Failure to get your response via phone or any other communication channel at the time of confirmation of the transaction booking.
    1. If the transaction involves the tests/ diagnosis for which a medical prescription prescribed by a medical practitioner is required and for which You have not provided such medical prescription or provided an invalid medical prescription.
    1. Information, instructions and authorizations provided by You is not complete or sufficient to execute the transaction initiated by You on the Platform.
    1. When such Listed Entities are closed.
    1. If the Listed Entities is not available to perform the services, as may be requested.
    1. If the tests/ diagnostics for which You have initiated the transaction is not available with the registered Lab(s).
    1. If the transaction cannot be completed for reasons not in control of the Company.
    1. You shall only be able to claim refunds for transactions initiated by You only if You have already pre-paid the fees with respect to such transaction, subject to relevant Listed Entities refund policy and in accordance therein. You shall be eligible to get the refund only when Frenosis has cancelled the order because of any reason mentioned under Para 1.2 above.
    1. While all refunds shall be governed by the respective Listed Entities refund policy, however all decisions with respect to refunds will be at the sole discretion of the Frenosis and the same shall be final and binding. All refunds initiated by Frenosis shall be refunded to the financial source account from which, You have initiated the transaction on the Platform, and no other.