Mission and Vision Statement


We at Frenosis Private Limited (“Frenosis” or “We” or “Our”) are committed to improve lifestyle experience of the users of our services, DIGITALLY, that become lifelong souvenirs, while committed to the 4 pillars behind the ideation – Convenience, Affordability, Timeliness and Sustainability.


With the endeavour to efficiently use digital media, our main purpose of is to reach out to the community at large, enabling them to make use of the ease and convenience of the DIGITAL ECONOMY.

Frenosis in its pursuit of the aforesaid vision, has created a Healthcare Vertical and aims to connect Diagnostic Centres (“Lab(s)”) and nursing support, aaya providers (“Homecare Service Provider”) within the local limits of the user, depending on their current location, in order to provide various diagnostics and homecare services at affordable and uniform prices, including home collection for samples, on-call consultation, nursing support etc.

Every aspect of the Frenosis business is characterised by professionalism and high standards of corporate governance. Sustainability is embedded into our long-term strategy for growth.

We hope to create a better life for people and make spaces for digital solutions and infrastructure to build a better lifestyle in the future.


Our strategy is to create more value, understand and, thus, preserve the value to the users:

Value for Users:
The value of work done for our users can be seen in, for example, an improved lifestyle experience, more satisfied users and more efficient digital media utilisation. We continuously develop our services according to our users’ needs and regularly measure our success. Our goal is an excellent and continuously improving user experience.

Value for Personnel:
We want our personnel to enjoy their work and go home in good health after a working day. We offer meaningful work as well as opportunities for career paths and competence development. This is how we pursue a better personnel experience and an increase in the personnel recommendation rate.

Value for society:
Recognising that business enterprises are economic organs of society and draw on societal resources, it is a Frenosis belief that its performance must be measured by its contribution towards building economic, social and environmental capital. The Company believes that in the strategic context of business, enterprises possess – beyond mere financial resources – the transformational capacity to create game-changing development models by unleashing their power of entrepreneurial vitality, innovation and creativity. In line with this belief, Frenosis will continue crafting unique models which have a significant multiplier impact on sustainable livelihood creation. These initiatives are independent of the normal conduct of Frenosis businesses.

We assume our social responsibility by, for example, also offering jobs to those who are struggling to find employment.


To create an Android/IOS based application (“App”) and a web-based platform (“Website”) which would serve as a digital intermediary between users and Labs. To facilitate in connecting the users with the Labs and assist the user to conveniently choose their necessary and relevant health tests/ diagnosis, therefrom, through the App/ Website, as per catalogue price determined by the Labs.